Features that simplify recruiting

From parsing resumes for contact information, tracking applicants, to interview scheduling - Recruiterbox has numerous features to make your recruitment process fast and easy through the use of our online recruiting software.

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Resume Management

  1. Collect Resumes from Attachments

    Collect Resumes from Attachments

    No matter how sophisticated your online application form may be (and with Recruiterbox, it can be very sophisticated!), you'll probably want to receive resume files from your applicants as well. It's easy to collect resumes from attachments with our recruiting software.

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  2. Parse Resumes

    Parse Resumes

    The resume parsing functionality of our applicant tracking system automatically extracts information from documents and creates candidate profiles.

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  3. Duplicate Detection

    Duplicate Detection

    The duplicate detection tool of our recruitment software helps you quickly determine whether an applicant simply has the same name as another applicant—or whether they're the same person.

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  4. Resume Search

    Resume Search

    Our recruitment software's search tool allows you to search within a candidate's profile for any word or phrase.

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  5. Resume Upload

    Resume Upload

    If you've been collecting resumes prior to using Recruiterbox, you can upload them to our applicant tracking system and our software will automatically create a candidate profile for each resume.

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Applicant Tracking

  1. Customizable Recruitment Workflow

    Customizable Recruitment Workflow

    By creating custom hiring stages within the applicant tracking system, you can design the optimal recruitment process for each of your openings–from start to finish.

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  2. Questionnaires


    Our customizable questionnaire forms help you get all the details you need, when you need them–so you can quickly determine the right candidates for your openings.

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  3. Archive Applicants

    Archive Applicants

    Through archiving, you can retain all of an applicant's information within the recruiting software without keeping them in your list of active candidates.

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  4. Centralize Communication

    Centralize Communication

    Centralized communication will benefit your hiring process in myriad ways. It's one of our recruiting software's most important features.

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Careers Site Management

  1. Jobs Widget

    Jobs Widget

    Display your openings on your company's careers page through the Recruiterbox jobs widget. The widget adapts to your website's look and feel, and updates automatically each time you create or remove an opening.

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  2. Mobile-friendly Hosted Careers Site

    Mobile-friendly Hosted Careers Site

    Our recruiting software gives you an attractive, mobile-friendly careers page with all your openings information. This page is accessible via a unique link, which you can share with prospective candidates.

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  3. Customizable Application Forms

    Customizable Application Forms

    Your organization's hiring needs are unique, so your application forms should be, too. With Recruiterbox, it's easy to create the question fields you need in order to get the right information from candidates. And the form will match the look and feel of your website, so the process of filling out applications on your website is a seamless experience for your candidates.

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  4. Openings API

    Openings API

    Maximize your ability to customize your job postings with our recruiting software's openings API.

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Collaborative Recruiting

  1. Assign Different Stages

    Assign Different Stages

    A key benefit of a recruitment software should be the ability for all relevant team members to engage and contribute with the hiring process. Recruiterbox is built precisely for collaborative hiring.

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  2. Create & Delegate Tasks

    Create & Delegate Tasks

    After adding team members to the applicant tracking system, you can create and delegate such tasks as interviews and screenings to anyone on your team. Your team will also receive reminders to complete their tasks.

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  3. Share Candidates with Team Members

    Share Candidates with Team Members

    You can easily share candidates within your team through our applicant tracking system. If involving multiple employees in the hiring process is standard procedure for your business, this aspect of our recruitment software is absolutely imperative.

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Recruitment Automation

  1. Auto Archive

    Auto Archive

    Archiving candidates is a great way to keep your candidates list organized so you can know who's active and who's not. By the time a candidate reaches a certain stage of the hiring process within your applicant tracking system, you may want to automatically archive them.

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  2. Create Email Templates

    Create Email Templates

    Create and save email templates with our recruiting software and avoid manually entering the same response to candidates over and over again.

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  3. Replicate Recruitment Workflow

    Replicate Recruitment Workflow

    After you set up your process for one opening, our recruitment software allows you to easily replicate your process workflow by making it the template for all other openings.

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  4. Notifications & Alerts

    Notifications & Alerts

    Recruiterbox sends email notifications when candidates are added to your applicant tracking system and reminders about upcoming tasks. This feature of our recruiting software is especially helpful when multiple users are involved in the hiring process.

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  5. Email Filters

    Email Filters

    By setting up email filters, resumes can go straight from your inbox to our applicant tracking system.

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  6. Candidate Auto-response

    Candidate Auto-response

    In a competitive job market like today's, there are dozens of applicants per opening. With candidate auto-response, you can save yourself the time of manually replying to every single one.

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  7. Software Integrations

    Software Integrations

    Our recruitment software integrates seamlessly with your other software programs, so information flows automatically between technologies.

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Sourcing Candidates

  1. Bulk Resume Upload

    Bulk Resume Upload

    If you've been collecting resumes prior to using Recruiterbox, you can upload them all in one shot from your computer to the recruiting software.

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  2. Social Media Sharing

    Social Media Sharing

    You've created your openings–now you want to spread the word! Today's job-seekers frequently turn to social media when looking for their next jobs. Our social media sharing tool allows you to post openings to your social accounts directly within the recruiting software.

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  3. Email Forwarding

    Email Forwarding

    If you've been collecting resumes in your inbox, you can simply forward them to Recruiterbox, and our applicant tracking system will automatically create a candidate profile for each resume.

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  4. Referrals


    Recruiterbox makes it easy to both grant referrers access to the applicant tracking system as well as track referrals.

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  5. External Recruiters

    External Recruiters

    If you're not doing all your recruiting in-house, it's easy to add external users to our applicant tracking system.

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  1. Source Reports

    Source Reports

    The source report feature of our applicant tracking system shows you where your applicants are coming from, and how far they're going in the hiring process.

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  2. EEOC Compliance

    EEOC Compliance

    Our recruitment software can help ensure your organization is in compliance with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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  1. Schedule Interviews

    Schedule Interviews

    Arrange appointments with candidates and team members alike with our applicant tracking system's interview scheduling functionality.

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Classified Hiring Information

  1. Private Fields

    Private Fields

    When you create a question for candidates with the private fields functionality of our recruiting software, the answer will only be available to certain members of your team.

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  2. Private Openings

    Private Openings

    The private openings feature of our recruiting software preserves your hiring workflow functionality while ensuring you won't be overwhelmed with candidates.

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Business Class Software

  1. Transparent Pricing

    Plans to Fit Your Needs

    Recruiterbox offers feature plans that are designed to meet you where you're at so you're not paying for features you don't need.

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  2. Data Security

    Data Security

    Applicant tracking systems collect a vast amount of information, much of it potentially sensitive. With Recruiterbox, your human resources records and data are completely secure.

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