Archive Applicants

Close But No Cigar

You posted an opening that got hundreds of applicants, and you’ve got dozens of great candidates to choose from. You can’t hire them all, but you’d like to save some of them for future consideration. You don’t want to clog your active list with more candidates than necessary, but there some candidates you’d prefer not to delete entirely.

Keep Them on File

Our recruiting software allows you to store those great-but-not-quite-right candidates by archiving them. Once you’ve archived a candidate, they’ll remain that way indefinitely. If you want to bring a candidate back into the fold for the original opening they applied to, or if you have a new opening you’d like to add them to, you can easily restore them to active status. Additionally, you can change multiple candidates from active to archive status at one time, and vice versa. Another way to save time is by utilizing our auto archive functionality. Auto archive is the default setting for the later stages of your hiring process, but you can customize auto archive to fit your needs at any stage.

Organize and Retain

Archiving is a great way of saving high quality candidates who aren’t quite the right fit. You can keep your active candidate lists as tight as possible and still easily access archived candidates for future opportunities.

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