Calendar Integration

Many Calendars, One Life

From meetings to deadlines, your whole life is on your digital calendar. If an appointment isn’t on your calendar, it might as well not exist. Your recruiting software’s calendar needs to integrate with the calendar you use on a daily basis, or else you’re going to forget interviews and other hiring tasks.

Sync Your Schedule

Recruiterbox’s calendar easily integrates with your digital calendar of choice, be it iCal, Google, Outlook and more. You can both import your digital calendar to Recruiterbox, our export your Recruiterbox calendar to your digital calendar. Once they’re synced, Recruiterbox will refer to existing calendar events to avoid scheduling interviews and other hiring to-dos within the recruiting software. When you receive an event invitation via the recruiting software, not only will it appear on your Recruiterbox calendar, it will also appear on your external one.

Never Forget

By integrating your calendars, you’ll avoid double booking yourself. Additionally, you’ll be able to access your schedule of hiring tasks without having to log in to the recruiting software.

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