Making the Referral Process as Effective as Referrals Themselves

Everyone knows that when it comes to hiring, referrals are gold. Candidates who are referred to your organization are more likely to turn into employees, resulting in a more effective and efficient hiring process. But optimizing the referral process can be challenging.

Access and Track

You can give referrers access to the ATS software in two ways. Each opening in Recruiterbox is assigned a unique link and email address. You can add referrers to each opening. Referrers can then add candidates to the opening via the link or by forwarding candidate resumes to the opening’s email address. Referrers will also be marked as the source of each candidate they add. When you pull up your source report, you can see how candidates from referrers compare to candidates from other sources.

Alternately, you can designate a referrer as a “limited access user.” This is the lowest level of user access in Recruiterbox but referrers will still be able to add candidates to the ATS software. Particularly if the referrer is external, it’s wise not to assign them to a particular opening, or else they’ll be able to see all the candidates within that opening, and not just the candidates they add.

Efficiency and Measurability

By allowing referrers to add candidates to the ATS software directly, the process of developing your candidate pipeline is made more efficient. And our source tracking tools help you optimize your referral program by showing you what’s yielding results and what isn’t.

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