Export Data to Microsoft Excel

Information Organization

Your openings have attracted hundreds of candidates and you’ve got a massive amount of data on your hands. You need to be able to organize and analyze this data, look for trends and optimize your hiring process moving forward. You also need to be able to easily share this data with other members of your team. That’s why our recruiting software allows you to export your data to Excel.

Create Reports

You can generate a variety of reports within the Reports section of our recruiting software. You can select source reports, openings reports, applicants reports, stage reports and EEO reports. You can also specify the date range for all of your reports. After you generate the report you need, it will be automatically emailed to you.

Accessible and Shareable

Exporting your data to Excel allows you to organize your information in the way you need, so you can use it in a meaningful way. The easily shareable format ensures that anyone in your organization can use this data as well.

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