Customizable Application Forms

Capturing Relevant Information

Of course you need certain information from candidates–name, contact information, employment history, etc. But what if you want information like links to social profiles or why a candidate is interested in working for your organization? With our recruiting software, you can tailor an application form to your specific needs and get information that will quickly help you hone in on the best candidates.

Custom Fields

While creating an opening in Recruiterbox, you will be prompted to select fields from our custom application form. After you’ve selected your fields, you can make them mandatory or optional for candidates to fill out. It’s easy to customize your application forms for each of your openings, and you have the flexibility to tailor the answer fields to your needs, be it multiple choice options or long paragraphs. Additionally, once candidates have applied, our search feature allows you to filter by response–so the information is even more accessible. All of this helps you get all of the information you need the first time–no need to go back and forth with candidates for additional information.

Just the Information You Need

Our recruiting software allows you to capture exactly the candidate information that’s relevant to you. Gone are the days of generic application forms that collect too little or too much.

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