Notifications & Alerts

Organize Your Busy Schedule

Maybe you’re a manager or executive who spends a good deal of time outside of the office, and you don’t necessarily have your applicant tracking system at your fingertips at all times. Even if you’re at your computer most of the day, you’ve got dozens of tasks on your plate and it can be hard to keep up–so let Recruiterbox help. We notify you once a day of new applicants, and you can also set up email alert notification preferences depending on your specific needs.

Email Notifications

Notifications are sent directly to your inbox. You can easily customize your preferences: Choose to be notified about upcoming tasks, or every time a candidate is added to one of your openings. Perhaps a candidate has made it past the initial screening and is now available for the first interview–Recruiterbox can email you a notification alerting you it’s time to schedule the interview. Our recruitment software offers many notification options, and the type and frequency of notifications is completely up to you.

Stay on Task

When job alert notifications are pushed directly to you, it makes it that much easier to remember the task at hand–so you can make sure the hiring process is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

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