Search Within Candidate Profiles

Time-Consuming Searches

Looking for a particular piece of information within a stack of printed-out job applications can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. And depending on your email provider, you may be unable to execute resume-parsing functions on email attachments. You need to be able to search resumes and find candidate information quickly and efficiently, especially as your candidate database grows.

An Instant Fine-Tooth Comb

All candidate profiles within our recruiting software are fully searchable, including any documents and notes associated with profiles. When you search within an opening for terms like “JavaScript” or “San Francisco,” each candidate with these terms in their profile will immediately appear in a list, no matter if it’s in the profile itself or in attached files. Our job application search tool also features Boolean functionality, so you can make your searches even more specific by combining terms with operators like “AND,” “OR” and “NOT.”

On-Demand Information

By scanning hundreds of candidate profiles in an instant for the exact phrase you need, our recruiting software harnesses the power of the digital age’s search tools and allows you to quickly pinpoint the job skills and other information that’s relevant to your hiring process.

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