External Recruiters

The Right Level of Access

You need to get the agency’s candidates into your ATS but are unsure about creating an account for a non-employee. Good news, you can create limited-access logins external recruiters can use to add the people they’ve discovered.  They won’t be able to see candidates from other sources or even the notes, interview feedback, or messaging history for the candidates they submitted.

Stay in Touch with External Recruiters

Recruiterbox helps you effectively communicate with everyone involved in hiring, including your recruiting agency. You can send each other private messages directly from a candidate’s profile or add comments visible to everyone on the hiring team. Share quick questions or thoughts on a particular candidate with ease.

Get Value from Your Recruiting Agency

You not only partnered with a recruiting agency to make your job easier—you’re also counting on them to deliver the best candidates available. Recruiterbox’s source report allows you to attribute new hires to external recruiters. You can precisely measure if they’re making a positive impact on your recruiting efforts.

Bring in External Support

Recruiterbox was built with the understanding that recruiting agencies are an extension of many organization’s hiring teams. We make it easy to bring external recruiters into the fold so you can work together to find your next great employee.

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