External Recruiters

More Recruiters = More Candidates

You’re working with several recruiting firms because your internal recruiting resources are limited. The good news: The firms are sending you dozens of candidates. The bad news: You don’t have the time or capacity to add these candidates to the ATS software yourself.

Grant Restricted Permissions

There are a couple of ways to grant external recruiters access to your ATS software. When you create an opening in Recruiterbox, it will be assigned a unique link and email address. Within each opening you can add referrers, and enter the appropriate names and email addresses. The recruiters added as referrers will be marked as the source of the candidate, and notified of their opening’s details. They can add candidates to the opening through the link or simply by forward a candidate’s resume to the opening’s email, and a candidate profile will automatically be created.

Alternately, there are three user levels within Recruiterbox. You can designate recruiters as “limited access users.” Though this is the lowest level of access, they can still add candidates to the ATS software, either directly in the platform or by emailing resumes. However, it’s advisable not to assign external recruiters to a particular opening. If you do, they will be able to see every candidate within that opening. If you don’t, they’ll only see the candidates they added.

Save Time and Track ROI

When external recruiters can add the candidates they source to the applicant tracking system, it saves you time. Additionally, you can track the return you’re getting on the recruiters you’ve hired when you pull up the source report for your openings, and see how far candidates from each recruiter are making it in the hiring process.

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