Track Applicant Status

So Many Applicants and Stages

When you have a long list of candidates, it’s virtually impossible to remember how each and every applicant is moving through the hiring funnel–who’s unscreened, who’s completed an assessment, who’s done a telephone interview, etc. If you’ve got 100 candidates and 10 stages of the hiring process, you need to rely on more than just your memory. Fortunately, our recruting software makes tracking applicants much simpler.


One List, So Much Information

Upon navigating to the Candidates section of our ATS software, it’s immediately evident which opening a candidate has applied to, which stage of the recruitment process they’re in, and whether they’re assigned to any of your team members. Pending interviews and to-dos for candidates will also be plainly visible. Candidates can be further sorted in a variety of ways–by opening, stage, favorited, etc.

Avoid Bottlenecks

The applicant status tracking functionality of our ATS software helps you identify where your hiring process may be stalling–maybe once a candidate reaches a certain stage, or once they’re assigned to a certain team member. By identifying the stages that are flowing as they should be and those that are more problematic, you can optimize your hiring process accordingly.

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