Candidate Auto-response

Candidate Communication

Candidates want to know you’ve received their application, and you want to let candidates know you’ve received it. But sending individual responses takes time, especially when you’re receiving dozens or hundreds of applications per opening. Our recruiting software offers auto-response to make communication with candidates more efficient.

Automated Replies

You can craft your auto-response message directly in the applicant tracking system, and opt to have that message sent to each candidate once you’ve received their application. Candidates will have the peace of mind that you’ve received your application, and you’ll be less likely to receive further emails from candidates inquiring if you’ve gotten their materials. Additionally, the auto-response will appear–along with any additional communication–within the candidate profile, so you’ll know exactly when and how you’ve communicated with your candidates.

Convey Your Message Quickly

Most likely you’ll be unable to individually communicate with every single candidate who applies to your opening. Auto-response allows you to still put your message out in a fast, efficient way.

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