Collect Interview Feedback

Coordinating Comments

Frequently, multiple members of your team will be involved in the interview process. Ensuring that everyone provides their thoughts following interviews with candidates, and collecting these candidate-review notes all in one place, can be challenging to say the least.

Centralized Collection

Following an interview, every user that you invite to the interview within the recruitment software will receive an email notification to submit their candidate feedback. They can do so from their email or directly on the candidate’s profile page. When providing interviewer notes, users can rate candidates on a five-point scale. There’s also a field for comments, where users can go into greater detail to record their thoughts on a candidate. Comments are fully editable and you can see the edit history. Additionally, you will receive a notification each time a user submits interview feedback.

Hear and Be Heard

By providing a central place for your team to submit interviewer feedback, our recruitment software ensures that no one’s voice is overlooked. And our applicant review notifications help keep everyone on task.

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