Software Integrations

Prevent Information Silos and Manual Entry

Organizations use dozens of technology programs and you want them to be able to talk with each other. It’s frustrating and time-consuming to have to manually enter data in one system that’s readily available in another. All too often, this data never gets entered at all, and information ends up in silos.

Have Technologies Talk to Each Other

Recruiterbox integrates with several software programs. We are in the process of adding more integrations, but for now these we integrate with HRIS platforms Namely and BambooHR, and the messaging app Slack. The Namely and BambooHR integrations are only available for our Pro Plan users; the Slack integration is available for all users.

After setting up the integration with Namely or BambooHR, users can automatically export candidates they’ve marked as hired into their HRIS account.

Once the Slack integration is enabled, users will receive instant notifications about the following:

  • When a candidate is added to a stage you’re assigned to
  • When another user mentions you in an internal note
  • When another user includes you in a candidate interview

The Information You Need, Where You Need It

You’re too busy to hunt for between between one software and the next, and manual data entry isn’t how you you want to spend your time, either. Our integrations help ensure that you automatically have the information you need, when and where you need it.

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