Resume Search

Finding What You Need

You know what you’re looking for in a candidate, but sometimes that information can be hard to find–even when it’s right within a resume. Especially when your talent management database is growing and you’re hiring for multiple positions, sorting through data can be time-consuming. Recruiterbox’s resume parsing search tool allows you to quickly access the information you need.

See and You Shall Find

The search feature within our recruitment software is universal–it will search candidates’ entire profiles, including resumes and the notes you may have written about them in the resume-tracking database–and help you look for any term you may enter, from “Boston” and “Deloitte” to “iOS developer” and “HTML5.” Additionally, our Boolean search functionality allows you to make your search even more specific by combining your terms with operators such as “AND,” “NOT” and “OR.” After entering your search phrases, all the candidates that match will instantly appear in a list.

Fast and Accurate

You’re accustomed to all the powerful search tools of the digital age, so it only makes sense to have that functionality in your recruitment software solutions. Recruiterbox’s search tool can scan hundreds of resumes in the blink of an eye for the exact phrase you’re looking for. With this resume management and tracking software, finding those keywords is no longer like looking for a needle in a haystack, and perusing filing cabinets full of printed-out resumes is a thing of the past.

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