Accept Resumes in All Formats

Our applicant tracking system accepts resume attachments in every format, from DOC and DOCX to RTF, HTML and PDF.

Formatting Flexibility

Candidates use a variety of formats when creating their resumes. You don’t want to force candidates to convert documents to a certain type of file, as it presents a barrier to entry for otherwise qualified candidates. And you need to be able to read and search candidates' resumes, no matter the format they're in. You don't want to spend time converting their files to another format. That's why our ATS software accepts resumes no matter the file type.  

Universal Acceptance

Our ATS software accepts all popular file formats, and converts them into searchable documents. When a candidate applies, Recruiterbox converts their resume into a candidate profile, while preserving the original attachment for download when you need it.  

Recruiterbox accept resumes in all formats

You See Everyone

Because our ATS software accepts all file types, you'll never overlook the right candidates because of a technicality like resume format.