Schedule Interviews

Arrange appointments with candidates and team members alike with our applicant tracking system's interview scheduling functionality.

Everyone Leads a Busy Life

Interviews are an essential part of the hiring process, and also one of the most logistically challenging. Putting together and interview schedule that works for everyone is hard enough. And when you consider the possibility of going back and forth on email threads that don't talk to your ATS software, the challenge just compounds.

Refer and Request

Once a candidate has made it to the interview stage, our ATS software will send you an interview scheduling email. Your team members can sync their external calendars (Outlook, Google, etc.) in Recruiterbox, so you can refer to any existing conflicts as you're searching for a good time to schedule an interview. Candidates will receive interview requests to their email. Once a candidate has accepted an interview, it will be included on both the internal and external calendars of all the users you've added to the interview.

Recruiterbox schedule interviews

Streamlined Scheduling

Our ATS software's interview scheduling functionality helps centralize all phases of the hiring process and negates the need for you to toggle back and forth between external email and calendar programs. It basically performs all the essential tasks of dedicated interview scheduling software.