Create & Delegate Tasks

Who’s Doing What?

Hiring isn’t done in a vacuum. Multiple people will most likely be involved in the recruiting process, but coordinating everyone can be difficult. Our recruiting software allows you to create and delegate tasks in one place–no more emails that don’t get read or voicemails that don’t get listened to.

Divide and Conquer

Within each candidate’s profile, you can create and assign tasks like to-dos or interviews to every member on your team. Assignments won’t get overlooked because the applicant tracking system automatically emails task reminders as due dates approach. There’s no need to endlessly follow up with team members to see if they’ve completed their tasks–all the information you need is right there in Recruiterbox.

Applicants Become Staff, Fast

Our recruiting software allows you to efficiently coordinate with other members of your team, so you can hire the right candidates more quickly.

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