Assign Different Stages

Know Who’s Doing What

Forget overlooked emails and calendar invites that get lost in the shuffle. Through our recruitment software, you can assign colleagues to various stages of the hiring process, be it an interview or assessment review. You’ll never again forget who should be doing what.

Share Responsibilities

By assigning team members to every stage of the hiring process, you’re giving them ownership of that stage. From there, you can easily move candidates between stages, selecting them individually or in bulk. Once candidates are in a given stage, Recruiterbox will send reminders straight to the inboxes of the team members assigned to that stage. Rather than having to follow up with email after email, the recruiting software will automatically take care of the reminders.

Delegate and Get it Done

An efficient, clearly communicated division of responsibilities expedites the hiring process–so you can add new members to your team as soon as possible.

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