Source Reports

Building a Strong Pipeline

Maybe you’ve posted an opening that’s not getting quite the response you anticipated. Or you’re getting a ton of applicants but the quality isn’t as high as it should be. Between job boards, search engines, social media, campus recruiting, referrals, your own website and more, the options for candidates to find your openings are pretty much endless. You’ve got a limited amount of resources and can’t devote endless time and energy optimizing every opening for every channel.

Granular Data

Our source-of-hire and source-of-resume reports show you how each candidate is applying to your opening. Our ATS software will automatically populate the source field in a candidate profile, but you can edit this information within the profile as you see fit, and your edits will appear within the report. In addition to seeing where your candidates are coming from, you can also drill down by stages to determine how many candidates from each source have been screened, done interviews, received offers, etc. This allows you to see how effective each candidate source is at yielding not just applicants but employees. Source reports can be viewed in chart form in the ATS software; you can also download your applicant source tracking reports in a Microsoft Excel file.

Optimize ROI

With so many ways to spread the word about your openings, it’s crucial to know where you can best spend your hiring resources in order to yield the highest quantity and quality of candidates. Our resume and applicant tracking solutions help you achieve that goal.

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