Centralize Communication

Mixed Messages

It’s so easy to lose track of when and how you’ve been in touch with a candidate. As more candidates apply and more team members become involved in the hiring process, it’s crucial to keep a central record.

Track Every Touchpoint

Every user connects to Recruiterbox through their email account. When you send a message to a candidate through their profile page, all users on that message will be sent an email notification. Everyone can then respond to the alert notification from their email account, and the thread will be reflected in the recruiting software. Since all email threads are recorded on the candidate’s profile page, your entire hiring team can log in and access communication whenever they need. Additionally, you can record details about other types of candidate interactions you may have (e.g. phone, social media) via profile notes, which are also accessible to your hiring team.

Organization and Autonomy

Imagine the freedom you’ll feel when you no longer need to track down fellow team members for candidate information or application status updates, and instead can access everything you need through the recruiting software. The days of follow-up emails and phone tag are over when all candidate communication is organized in one central location. You and your team will save time and avoid confusion about what has and has not been sent to the candidate.

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