Jobs Widget

Posting Your Openings

If you do not have your openings listed on the careers page of your website, you are missing the opportunity to inform potential candidates about your company and its requirements. If you simply have an email address such as, you are going to be dealing with resume attachments piling in your email.

Managing Your Company’s Careers Page

Recruiterbox offers a jobs widget to which all users can connect their company website. The widget adapts to the look and feel of your website so it looks like all openings are native to your site. You can change the widget’s default look and feel by modifying the CSS code. When you add, modify or delete an opening, the change will be reflected on your site automatically. When a candidate applies to an opening, you’ll receive the application directly through the applicant tracking system. You can customize your application forms and also ask applicants to attach documents. Additionally, our jobs widget allows you to sort openings in the way you see fit (by location, department, etc.).

Consistent Branding

Your website is your window to the world, and your careers page reaches some of the most important people to your organization: your prospective employees. Our widget ensures the brand you’ve worked so hard to build is seamlessly carried through to this section of your site.

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