Getting the Information You Need

Employers frequently ask candidates to submit information that goes beyond a resume and contact information. Maybe you ask candidates a set of questions in order to suss out critical thinking skills or require developers to submit a skills test. That’s where our customizable questionnaires come into play. These detailed forms help you narrow the candidate pool more quickly and decrease the need to go back and forth with candidates for additional information.

Ask Your Own Questions

It’s easy to create custom questionnaires within our recruiting software, and you have the flexibility to create multiple questionnaires or to attach the same questionnaire to multiple openings. Once a questionnaire has been created, you can easily add more questions or modify existing ones. And questionnaires can be also be used as a filtering tool, so you can search for terms most relevant to your openings.

Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

By customizing questionnaires to your exact needs and then having the ability to filter through them, you can quickly pinpoint the candidates worthy of your attention.

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