Email Forwarding

If you've been collecting resumes in your inbox, you can simply forward them to Recruiterbox, and our applicant tracking system will automatically create a candidate profile for each resume.

We'll Always Have Email

No matter how you set up your recruitment process, you'll probably still receive some applications by email. Most ATS software options don't recognize this, and your have to open each email, download the attached resume and then upload it to the system in order to add new candidates.

Forward to Add Candidates

After creating an opening in Recruiterbox, each opening will be assigned a unique email address. When you forward a candidate's resume attachment to this email address, Recruiterbox will automatically convert the resume into a candidate profile and assign the candidate to the opening. Additionally, any text within the email will also be stored within the candidate's profile. If an email has multiple attachments, our ATS software will determine which attachment is the resume, and store any remaining attachments like cover letters or work samples as additional documents to the candidate's profile.

You can even further automate the process within your own email program. If you use Outlook, you can set up a rule to forward emails with resume attachments to your Recruiterbox email address; in Gmail, you can set up a filter to achieve the same result.  

Recruiterbox email forwarding

Efficiency and Organization

Manually adding candidates to your ATS software by downloading and then uploading resumes is a waste of time. Our email forwarding tool helps you spend less time creating candidate profiles and more time actually looking at them. And by setting up email rules or filters, you can keep your inbox organized and uncluttered, too.