Manage User Roles & Permissions

To Show or Not to Show

With the user management function of our recruiting software, you will be able to add company managers into the system and possibly some outside recruiters as well; not everyone will necessarily be working on all openings and candidates, so you may choose to add more recruiters into the mix. It is important to be able to define user roles and permissions to decide the level of privileges you want to provide to personnel in the system.

User Levels

Recruiterbox offers three permission levels to accommodate differing management roles:

1. Super Users can view and edit all information within the applicant tracking system

2. Privileged Users can view all information, but cannot delete openings or candidates

3. Limited Access Users can only view openings (and candidates within those openings) that have been assigned to them

In addition, if you prefer to hide a candidate entirely from another user, you can do so by selecting the “Prohibit User” option.

Control the Flow of Information

With our three distinct permission levels and “Prohibit User” option, you can ensure that sensitive information isn’t seen by more people than necessary.

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