Attach Documents to Candidates

Document Organization

Whether you have five openings or 50, keeping track of candidates’ various documents can be challenging. Especially as candidates progress further in the hiring process, you’re likely to have ever more documents to track–in addition to resumes, you may have references, assessments, contracts and the like. Recruiterbox provides a centralized place to keep these documents, and allows you to easily search these documents. With this job placement software, there’s no need to hunt for information in different folders and tabs.

Everything in One Place

Our recruitment management system lets you attach all relevant documents to a candidate’s profile either by uploading directly or by forwarding attachments from emails. When visiting a candidate’s profile page, you can see a resume preview and download the original resume from a link, as well as access and download any additional files you’ve attached. Additionally, you can search the text from all of the attached documents–enter the term “Javascript” or “CSS” and all documents with those terms will come up in a list. And you can do all of this in one single place with our job-tracking software.

Accessible to Everyone

While making hiring decisions, multiple members of your team will be reviewing multiple documents. With email, you run the risk of not copying the right people, or forgetting to attach the necessary files–not to mention wasting time by corresponding back and forth. And all too often, documents that multiple team members need to access live solely on one person’s desktop. With the Recruiterbox application tracking system, every file your team member needs to review is immediately accessible.

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