Replicate Recruitment Workflow

Save Time and Streamline

You’ve got 10 openings that may share largely the same hiring process–resume review, assessment review, phone interview, in-person interview, etc. You don’t want to spend time setting up the same steps for each individual opening, and there’s no need to. With our recruitment software, you can streamline the process by replicating stages for new openings.

Recreate Stages

After you create your first opening, you’ll set up the stages that candidates will pass through and assign team members to those stages. Our “replicate” option allows you to copy the workflow you’ve already established for new openings–no need to go through the entire set-up process again.

Focus on Other Work

Replicating your recruitment workflow is tedious, repetitive–and unnecessary. With a click of a button, you can recreate your workflow process and focus on the other aspects of your recruitment strategy and everything else on your plate today.

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