Collect Resumes from Attachments

No Escaping Attachments

Let’s face it. No matter how you set up your recruitment process, you will probably still receive some applications in your email. Unfortunately, most recruitment software doesn’t recognize this. You’re forced to open each email, download the attached resume and then add it to the applicant tracking system. This is tedious and a waste of time, so we’ve designed our recruiting management software to help you out with that.

Collect and Convert

Upon creating an opening in Recruiterbox, you can opt to have candidates attach their resumes upon submitting applications. Alternately, you can also collect resume attachments you’ve received via email, by just forward the email to your opening’s unique Recruiterbox email address. Either way, each resume will automatically be converted to a candidate profile. Whatever format the attachment is in, our recruiting software can accept it.

Everything is Available

By collecting resumes from attachments, we save you the time and hassle of manually parsing resumes to fit the candidate profile, and ensure that all of your candidates’ information is in the recruiting software.

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