Free Job Search Engine Syndication

Is Anybody Out There?

If you publish an opening but it isn’t on websites like Indeed and SimplyHired, does it really exist? If you’re having trouble attracting applicants to openings that have solely been published on your website, it might not feel that way.

Cast a Wide Net

When you post jobs online with our recruitment software, in addition to appearing on your careers site and jobs widget, Recruiterbox automatically pushes the opening to five job search engines: Indeed, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, ApplyIQ and Openings that appear on job search engines are much more likely to attract applicants. Active job seekers may not be checking your website every day for new positions, but chances are they’re checking at least one of these boards for syndicated jobs. If you prefer that an opening doesn’t syndicate to one or all of the boards, you can always turn off the syndication option. When a candidate applies to a listing they find on a job board, their application will go directly to your Recruiterbox account.

One Click, Thousands of People

Our recruitment software’s job search engine syndication makes it easy and efficient to post job openings that can be viewed by thousands of potential applicants. With just one click, you can exponentially increase the reach of your openings–for free.

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