Share Notes & Evaluations Internally

Interviewing Efficiency

You need to get your colleague’s thoughts on a candidate they interviewed or screened, but you can’t get ahold of them. Sound familiar? Instead of going back and forth on email, you can access all your team members’ interview evaluation comments in a centralized place. You don’t even have to be in the recruitment software to access everything.

Candidate Assessment Notes

Each candidate has a profile page within our applicant tracking system. On this page, you and your team can collect and record notes following interviews and screening. You’ll be notified by email every time a new note has been added to the candidate evaluation form, and you can respond to notes via threads both through the recruitment software and through email. The notes are accessible in the same location as the application, resume and other relevant documents–no need to search through folders and tabs. Everyone will have a consistent context of what’s happening in the hiring process.

On-Demand Interview Feedback

Our applicant tracking system allows you and your team to use our convenient interview assessment form on your own schedule to access one another’s candidate evaluation comments–no more phone or email tag.

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