Share Notes & Candidate Evaluations

On-Demand Interview Feedback

You can do better than stopping by a colleague’s desk to ask how the interview went. Instead, request they complete an interview assessment form and write an evaluation in Recruiterbox. They’ll receive an email with a link that takes them to the candidate’s profile, where they can provide their feedback.

Evaluations in One Place

You need to collect candidate evaluations from every interviewer without getting overwhelmed. Assessments and notes are kept on candidate profiles, making them easy to access and review. You’ll receive an email each time a new note is added and can respond to it from your inbox or in Recruiterbox.

Look at the Big Picture

Notes and completed assessments are stored on the candidate’s profile, alongside their resume, answers to application questions, work samples, and any other information you need to make a hiring decision. Take everything into account and select the candidate who checks all the boxes.

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