Share Candidates with Team Members

Information Sharing

Whether it’s conducting an interview or reviewing an assessment, multiple team members are probably going to be involved in your hiring process. No matter what stage your candidates are in, you can easily share them through the recruiting software with your colleagues. No need for emails flying back and forth that confirm everything that’s been said or done about applicants–everyone involved in the hiring process can access candidate profiles and get all the information they need.

Share Candidate Profiles

When looking at a candidate profile, you can easily forward the candidate to your colleague’s Recruiterbox candidate list, or assign your colleague to the candidate’s respective opening or stage. With all candidate information available in one centralized, relevant location, it’s easy for teams to work together throughout the hiring process.

Everyone Sees the Best People

You want to make sure everyone sees the amazing new applicant who just applied. When team members are reviewing candidates from a central location, it’s much harder for stand-out candidates to get overlooked.

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