Create Email Templates

Need for Standard Replies

You may find yourself sending a lot of emails to your candidates–thank you for your application, can you provide additional information, we selected someone else, etc. Chances are, many of these emails can be standardized. By creating email templates, you’ll save yourself the time and tedium of typing out the same messages repeatedly. Sure, you could save message drafts in your email program, but our recruiting software makes it easier and more convenient to access and send these email templates when you need to.

Efficient Candidate Communication

After creating and saving your email templates, you can access your selected template and message the candidate directly from their profile page. You can also designate templates to auto-respond to candidates. No matter what stage of the hiring process a candidate is in, you can create a template in our recruiting software that fits their situation. And all communication with the candidate is accessible right within the applicant tracking system.

Take Back Your Time

Once you’ve created your email templates, you can put more energy into the aspescts of candidate communication that require a more custom approach.

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