Resume Upload

If you've been collecting resumes prior to using Recruiterbox, you can upload them to our applicant tracking system and our software will automatically create a candidate profile for each resume.

Resume Storage

Perhaps you have a collection of resumes in a folder on your computer or that you've collected from another ATS software. Once you start using Recruiterbox, you'll probably want to store all of these in a centralized place. Candidates don't have to apply directly through Recruiterbox to be added to the system.

Covert Files to Profiles

Recruiterbox doesn't just help you recruit new candidates, we can help with candidates who have already come to you. After you upload a resume, our ATS software will create a candidate searchable profile, parsing information like name, contact information, etc. and putting it in the appropriate fields.

Additionally, multiple resumes can be uploaded to Recruiterbox in a single go via ZIP and CSV files. Just like when you upload a single resume, each resume from these files will be converted to candidate profiles.

Recruiterbox resume upload

Storing Your Collection

By immediately converting resumes to profiles, our resume upload feature offers the convenience you need to ensure that no candidate gets inadvertently overlooked.