Data Security

Warding Off Hacks

The world is full of people all too eager to get their hands on confidential information. Data breaches among big-box retailers and banks seem practically commonplace. In the world of recruiting, you’re privy to potentially sensitive information, and it needs to be kept safe.

Safe Storage

Recruiterbox data is stored in and served from Amazon EC2 servers that are certified US-EU Safe Harbor compliant. Every account is password protected, and your information can be accessed only by your users. There are three levels of users within the ATS software so you can designate access permissions as you see fit.

Additionally, only you have access to your data. We always retain all your data unless you expressly ask to delete it upon account termination. If you request a data export, we will send it to you in a JSON file that automatically expires after one week to preserve the integrity of your human resources data security.

Peace of Mind

You can rest easy in the knowledge that your data is completely protected with Recruiterbox, and that a number of high-security clients entrust our ATS software with their HR data security data as well.

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