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Helping Youth Improve Soft Skills for Job Success

14 December 2016

The faltering economy and increasingly competitive job market have changed the way parents and educators prepare students for the real world. Youth employment initiatives and job training programs for youth are rising in popularity as the world adjusts to these demands and makes plans to send a new generation into the working world. Many companies …

Should a College Degree Always Be a Requirement When Hiring?

08 December 2016

I once worked with an amazing manager who didn’t have a college degree. She led marketing and business development for the small startup we worked for. She was also a web designer and developer and built the company website. After working with her for about a year and half, she told me her story over …

Recruiting and Hiring in the Insurance and Asset Management Industry

02 December 2016

Despite the broad array of opportunities available in the insurance and asset management sectors, hiring remains something of a challenge. Perhaps because it lacks the glamour of some other industries, insurance and asset management companies have historically struggled to achieve the same levels of interest as other industries, such as law – particularly from younger …

6 Ways to Build a World Class Sales Development Team [Infographic]

30 November 2016

A Sales Development Representative (SDR) is an inside sales rep (usually for a software/SaaS company), whose primary role is to identify and qualify prospects for the sales team. SDRs are the lifeblood of a company, providing a constant stream of new and qualified leads for your sales team to work with. Typically, SDRs spend most …

15 Traits to Look for When Hiring a Payroll Professional

28 November 2016

Most business owners understand that efficient payroll could be crucial to the success of their organization. However, with an intricate regulatory landscape to navigate, payroll remains a highly specialized, complicated process. Payroll staff must be able to handle the demands of their job, or risk errors, costly compliance penalties and, ultimately, unhappy employees. Hiring a …

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