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Your Recruitment Team Gang Members

In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox

As the war for talent amps up, recruiting gangs are popping up across the nation. Recruitment is beefing up by blurring the departmental lines and creating entire gangs dedicated to their efforts. Traditional recruitment efforts aren’t cutting it anymore and recruiters are getting serious about their attraction tools and techniques.

Marketing Department

Recruiters don’t have the same ability to garner the proper street cred the way that a marketing department does, and the marketing department needs solid talent to create the right image, employer brand and continued customer satisfaction. Face it, they need each other. International HR pro and ERE contributor Jaque Vilet said:

“Recruiting and Marketing are both outwardly focused, concentrate on the future, share a common vision for the business, and have very similar responsibilities, albeit with different populations — Marketing with customers and Recruiting with candidates.”

When we consider that more often than not, candidates and customers are the same people, this union makes even more sense.


While embezzlement and theft are options for gang funding, recruitment gangs prefer to get their financing through the right connections –the accounting department. Every great recruiting department will need a solid relationship with someone on the inside. Recruitment efforts are ramping up across the nation, and they aren’t cheap.

That being said, the proper marketing driven recruitment efforts will always yield a great return on investment by providing key talent to the organization. Funding approvals can take time, persuasion and a successful track record. Create an open and consistent dialogue between accounting and recruiting. They will need to know about talent forecasting , business trends that will require talent changes and current compensation best practices. Through timely communication, recruitment and accounting can become a dream team.


Every great leader needs a great leader. Whether you need to talk about your run of the mill gang issues like territory lines, or simply need some sage recruiting advice, you need someone to turn to. A mentor can be anyone who’s professional recruiting career you admire. This can mean watching and learning from afar, or someone who you can pick up the phone and talk to.

Either way, in recruiting and in life in general, getting the guidance of someone who has been there and done that keeps us from making totally avoidable mistakes, highlights the shortcuts we didn’t know to look for and acts as an overall guiding light.


These are the ones you call when you’re feeling outnumbered. In recruiting you will experience the ebbs and flows of business and talent needs, and sometimes those flows are going to feel more like the ocean rushing at you. Admin is a great support to turn to when you need more hands on deck, when your raw numbers need to magically turn into reports and when phones and emails need an answer.

What does your recruiting gang look like? There is power in numbers and the war for talent is on. Creating the right relationships in your organization can end up creating a powerful web of professional relationships that will drive the success of the entire organization.

Great talent is the backbone of any successful business, but the task of attracting that talent isn’t an easy one. Would you like to know how we could help streamline your process and make your recruiting team work like a well-oiled machine? We want to talk with you about just that today!

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