Sourcing Candidates for Your Jobs


When hiring, simply posting open jobs and waiting for applicants isn’t enough. You need to promote your openings through different channels so you capture the attention of multiple, qualified candidates. Your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) should make it to easy to market your jobs so you have a pool of great candidates to consider for every role. Here are the most common forms of marketing your job openings:

Job Boards

You can’t go wrong posting your company’s opening on popular job boards. Sites like Monster and Indeed are where active job seekers start their search. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of marketing your openings on job boards:

  • Job boards bring in a lot of applicants but many won’t be qualified for the role. Some candidates use job boards to apply everywhere and hope for the best.
  • Studies show only about 15-25% of jobs are filled through job boards. That being said, it varies by industry and job type.
  • Your ATS should make it easy to post to one or more job boards.


Job boards are less effective for roles requiring in-demand skills and extensive experience. Post your openings on job boards but don’t depend on these sites.

How Recruiterbox helps:

  • Automatically post your openings from Recruiterbox to multiple job boards at once.
  • Buy paid placements on popular job boards directly through your ATS.
  • Track the number of candidates each job board sends and how far they progress in your established hiring process.

Professional Communities

Nearly every profession has a devoted online community. Some have their own job boards or allow employers to post openings in the discussion section. You can also reach out to community members who seem to be a good fit for your role. Keep these tips to keep in mind when marketing your jobs on professional communities.

  • These sites are great for connecting with passionate candidates who truly love what they do.
  • The downside is local candidates can be sparse. Online communities are made up of people from around the world.
  • Your ATS should help post your jobs to these forums easily.


Professional communities are great for prospecting enthusiastic candidates for high-priority roles but there will likely be few, if any, candidates in your area.

How Recruiterbox helps:

  • Create different email templates for common communications with candidates.
  • Generate a custom email address everytime you post a job so you can track the effectiveness of each professional community in referring candidates.

Employee Referral Program

An established program that incentivizes employees to refer people they know for open jobs is one of the best sourcing methods. You’ll often connect with talented candidates who already familiar with your company and workplace. Here is the good and bad of accepting employee referrals:

  • An employee referral program often results in great candidates since most team members are cautious of recommending people who might now work out.
  • The success of your employee referral is based on an employee knowing the right person. Don’t expect a solid referral for every role.
  • Most companies expect their ATS to have a mechanism to list openings, invite referrals and track applicant statuses in a centralized location.


People like helping each other out, especially when it comes to jobs. Create an easy-to-understand employee referral program that encourages and rewards your staff for recommending great new hires.

How Recruiterbox helps:

  • An internal referral dashboard so employees know the current openings you are inviting referrals for.
  • Provide each employee with an trackable URL they can share with personal contacts so you credit the right team member for referrals.
  • Generate a source report that tells you how referred candidates compare to candidates from other sources.

Social Media

Sharing your company’s job openings on social media helps spread the word. You can also use social networks to find and connect with passive candidates who might be interested in joining your team. Here’s how your company can use social media in its job marketing efforts:

  • There are a variety of ways to promote jobs on social media, like using hashtags or posting in regional Reddit threads, so experiment with different approaches.
  • The power of social media is real. According to Aberdeen Group, 73% of 18-34 year olds found there last job using social media.


Social media is still emerging as a job marketing channel. Test different ways to connect with candidates until you identify what works best for your company.

How Recruiterbox helps:

  • Share every new job opening on your company’s social media account with a single click.
  • Create custom URLs that help you track the applicants who find your openings on social media.

LinkedIn Prospecting

LinkedIn is of course the best place to prospect candidates. Almost every professional has a detailed profile outlining their skills and experience. Here is some advice for connecting with candidates on LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn profiles tell you everything you need to know about a person so you can confidently contact outstanding candidates.
  • Over 75% of people who recently changed jobs say they used LinkedIn in their search so be sure to use the network to its full potential.


Spend time finding the right candidates and crafting a message that gets their attention.

How Recruiterbox helps:

  • Includes a free chrome extension that facilitates prospecting.
  • Create email templates for common communications with candidates.

Recruiting Agencies

Your company can hire a recruiting agency to handle all your jobs marketing. Experienced recruiters will find qualified candidates, present your opening and connect you with the people who are interested. Here’s what you should about working with recruiting agencies:

  • Agencies differ in terms of cost, specialization and quality so do your homework before selecting one.
  • Attributing the source of candidates is crucial when working with agencies. But it can be tedious to track and evaluate payouts and performance metrics.
  • Your ATS should make it easy to coordinate with external recruiting agencies, out of the box.


Recruiting agencies are best for companies without an internal recruiting team or in need of high-quality candidates for in-demand roles.

How Recruiterbox helps:

  • Out-of-the-box support for working with external recruiting agencies.
  • Recruiting agencies get their own login they can use to refer candidates and check the status of their evaluations.
  • Source attribution and performance metrics at your fingertip.

Candidate CRM

Your ATS will become one of your best recruiting tools over time. Since every applicant is stored in your database, you can reconnect with candidates who previously applied but weren’t hired. Here’s how it works:

  • Use advance search functions to find candidates who meet the role requirements.
  • Your ATS should help organize candidates through labels and lists so you don’t spend too much time identifying the right ones.
  • Send an email directly from your ATS asking if the candidate is still interested in joining your company.
  • You’ll find that many past candidates are happy to hear from you. According to Officevibe, candidates are two times more likely to respond to a cold email if they’ve previously interacted with the brand.

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