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Providing candidates an amazing experience is the key to consistently hiring great talent. Companies that have notoriously long, or inconsistent communication suffer in attracting good talent in the long run. This is especially true, if you are hiring for roles in a “candidate market.”

So, what makes an amazing candidate experience?

Great Careers Website

A careers page is not just a list of jobs you’re hiring for. It is your pitch to your aspiring applicants.

Your careers site should include:

  • Everything your candidates should know about your company.
  • A snapshot of your work culture, hopefully a teaser for what it’s like to work at your company.
  • An up-to-date list of openings you are currently hiring for.

Great career sites go beyond just capturing interested candidates. Subscription to newsletters and invites to events are great ways to engage your target audience earlier.

How Recruiterbox gives you a great careers website

User-Friendly Application Process

Once a candidate is ready to apply for a job, their first real interaction with your company is the online application form.

Your application process should be:

  • Hassle-free: No unnecessary registration/sign-up process just to apply.
  • Concise: Every additional field in your application form will cause a slight drop in the number of applicants. You should be able to customize the application form, so you can get your candidates to share the right information to help you screen them faster.
  • Accessible: Ensure your application form works well across different types of devices and browsers. Often times, candidates will prefer to use their mobile device, rather than a desktop.
  • Avoid duplication: Make resumes optional, especially if their portfolio is available online. Optimizing their experience ensures they stay within your process.


LinkedIn has replaced resumes for many opportunities. A publicly available portfolio is preferable over resumes - like Github/StackOverflow for developers, Dribbble/Behance for designers
User friendly application process with Recruiterbox

Seamless, Stress-Free Interviewing Experience

Communication plays a crucial part in this stage. Your ATS should help you be prompt and responsive to your candidates. Your process should help candidates go through a fair, consistent evaluation that focuses on identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

Your Interviewing experience needs to include:

  • Prompt: Ensure fast replies to your candidates’ queries.
  • Scheduling: Arranging interviews shouldn’t take too many email exchanges. Ideally, your candidate should be able to choose from a list of possible time slots.
  • Courtesy: Provide courteous feedback at every stage of the interview process.
  • On-boarding: Ensure a seamless transition to on-boarding and provide a great welcoming experience to new hires.


Always remember to continue engaging with unsuccessful candidates through newsletters and events
How Recruiterbox provides seamless interview experience

Simple Offer Acceptance and a welcoming Onboarding Experience

After devoting so many resources to finding a great candidate, companies still lose out on promising potential hires at this stage. It's frustrating and expensive when you have to restart at square one.

Keep in mind the following useful tips:

  • Keep your offer negotiation and acceptance process simple.
  • Use e-signatures to take the hassle out of signing documents.
  • Have a plan of onboarding activities to engage with new hires before their first day.
  • Ensure a seamless transition to on-boarding and provide a warm, welcoming experience to your successful candidates.

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