How does Recruiterbox help you provide an amazing candidate experience?

Great Careers Website

  • Comes with a ready-to-use careers site that lists all your available job opportunities.
  • Already have a good careers section on your website? No problem…our jobs widget can be embedded on your current site so your current openings will automatically be displayed. It blends with your current design and can be set up in a matter of minutes.
  • Our powerful APIs let you design and build your own jobs listing page and application forms.

User-Friendly Application Process

  • No registration required for completing an application.
  • Fully customizable form - as little or as many required/optional fields that fit your needs.
  • Works effortlessly across multiple devices and browsers.
  • Resumes and other attachments are automatically uploaded with the candidate's application.
  • Automatically capture your candidate's social footprint.

Seamless Interviewing Experience

  • Our automated email responders allow you to inform every candidate that you received their application
  • Use email templates and automated responses for common interactions with candidates.
  • Already found a successful candidate? Candidates don’t fulfill your skill requirements? Create and use shared email templates so you can respond to any number of candidates simply and promptly.
  • Easily schedule interviews with calendar invites that work across a range of apps/platforms.
  • Provide interviewers with assessments templates so every candidate is given a fair and consistent chance at your opportunity.
  • Integration with employee onboarding/HRMS software.

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