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How to Successfully Recruit New College Graduates (Infographic)

In Sourcing — by Erin Engstrom

New college graduates are eager to break into the job market. Learn some creative strategies to recruit the right ones for your firm, and then help these 20-somethings develop into high-quality employees.

  • Showcase the company benefits package and other perks that enhance their lifestyle.
  • Post jobs and employer branding content to the social media sites millennials use.
  • Develop an internship program, a possible incubator that allows candidates to test out the company culture,,and which allows you to see their growth potential.

Recruiting software is a great tool for managing the sometimes overwhelming number of applications a job posting can generate. Use Recruiterbox software to perform a host of routine tasks, including:

  • organize resumes
  • track applicants
  • manage job posts
  • enlist employees to work collaboratively on recruiting

You’ll also find everything you need to automate communications, source candidates, report data, and even schedule interviews.

See the infographic below for more details on how to successfully recruit new college graduates using advanced recruitment software like Recruiterbox.

How to Recruit New College Graduates Infographic |

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