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How to Make your Small Business Video go Viral?

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Recruiterbox

Did you know that over 40% of the internet users watch videos? Video is now the most popular forms of online marketing. You can rule all major search engines if you market your videos in the right way. Anyone today can create and upload videos on the internet. But only a few people know how to make the video popular.

These four elements might help to highlight your next video:


Content of the video is what talks to your audience when the video is playing. If the content of your video is memorable, they may share it in their circles and even talk about it. Ensure your content is targeted, informative, authentic, quick, attractive and easy to understand.

It is also better if your content is funny, makes people laugh and the video is not lengthy. Use techniques to show what people have not seen before. Let your video be different from the thousands that are already on the internet. Here is an example of a hilarious one .


Create as many videos as possible to load to your channel . In your video creating spree, do not forget to maintain consistency in the message you are sending to your audience. Create branding guidelines for all the aspects of the video and make sure you abide by them.

Consistency is what is going to make your audience remember you and your brand.


Collaboration while creating the video is important to make your video a targeted one. Collaborate within your company and your business network to ensure your video is seen and circulated well. Once the video is posted, interact with people who see it and get their feedback. Make necessary changes and modifications before posting your video elsewhere.

Call to action

It is important you tell people what to do next in your video. You need to tell your audience whether you want them to watch it, share it, think about it, subscribe to your product, take a free trial, solve a problem, contact you for more information, call you, email you, tweet about you, visit your website, read your blog, watch other videos from you, etc.

If you take care of these basic factors while creating and promoting your small business video, you are bound to go viral!

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