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Does your company's website have an attractive careers page?

In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox

Whether you are a small or medium business, chances are that you have a website. For many companies, even outside the technology sector, their site is an integral part of their business.

While other pages on your site don’t change very often, the careers page needs to be updated as you hire. The problem is that it is probably a static page and to update it, you have to ask your web designer or IT admin to add new jobs and related information. This can be difficult to maintain if you don’t have a dedicated resource responsible for your site.

Even if you are disciplined in having your latest positions updated, will candidates and visitors get a good idea about what you are looking for and what they should send you, other than the resume?

This is where you can take matters in your own hands. An online recruitment software for small businesses will usually provide you an easy way of displaying all your jobs on your site (through a widget). And when you log into the software, and make changes, it will display them on your careers page. You can also have a very dynamic and attractive careers page that blends into the design of your site. Your openings will have custom applications forms that folks can apply to, and provide you with all the information you asked in the form.

With more and more web-based, plug-n-play recruitment software available – a more effective careers page is very simple and affordable!

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