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Before You Choose Your Recruiting Software

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Recruiterbox

Choosing the right recruiting software these days is like recruiting itself. There are a lot of options but it is tough to know what to choose. Here are some important points to consider before you make your decision:


Be sure of what you need in your recruiting software before you begin your search. Ideally, make a checklist of features that you require like resume uploading, searchable resume database building, applicant tracking, integration with email system or company’s career page, etc.

Decide which of these are primary features that are ‘must haves’ and secondary features that are not so important but good to have. Ticking against these will help you make the final decision.

Ease of Use

Imagine running to the support guy every time you use the tool, simply because it is too difficult to use or you are unable to figure out the next step; or spending hours together in training programs to learn how to create openings or to add a note! This is where the usability of the recruiting software gains importance.

What you really need is a simple tool with ‘do-it-yourself’ factor. You have to choose a recruiting software that does not require programming skills to use. Do not shy away from requesting a demo to understand how the software works. After all, you will be the one using it later!

Being Web-based

Are you willing to invest money in expensive IT infrastructure, like servers and the related paraphernalia? If not, your tool should be online for you to truly exploit the cost savings of using software instead of an army to manage your hiring.

Ground reality – ‘in the cloud’ is the way businesses now operate. You must agree that using cloud-based recruiting software has additional advantages. You can access your company account literally from anywhere, anytime. You need not be sitting in your physical office to know where your hiring process stands.


The reason you are looking for a hiring software is lack of bandwidth for a full-fledged HR department which is basically expensive. Also, you are looking to save time, money and not willing to assign more than one resource.

Spend time in research as cost of these tools differs greatly in the market. Instead of settling for any software that you see first, ensure you get best value for your dollars. If you are not willing to purchase the software, you can consider SaaS-based (Subscription) recruiting software.

Keep the above in mind when you go looking for your recruitment software next time.

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