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Introducing Talentology: Learn How to Hire Great Talent

In Hiring Strategy — by Dave Anderson

New online mini course on Recruiting | Talentology @ Recruiterbox

At Recruiterbox, we hear all the time how challenging hiring can be. The goal is always to hire the best people available but that’s often easier said than done.


That’s why we created Talentology – a series of online courses that teach you how to successfully hire for key positions. You’ll learn clever tips and tricks on how to source, interview and evaluate candidates, provided by the smartest industry leaders we know.


Talentology is completely free. We do require your email address but promise we won’t clutter your inbox with promotional messages. We’ll only send you informative articles, videos, guides and other course content, on a weekly-basis.


Registration is now open for the first Talentology series on hiring great marketers. Don’t miss out!


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