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3 Recruiting Tools That Need a Revamp

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This always happens. The latest and greatest piece of technology that you just bought is outdated only a week later. However, the fundamentals never go out of style. Referrals, Sourcing and Job-Descriptions are important aspects of your recruiting strategy, and it is important to keep discovering fresh ways to keep them relevant with the times. You can use them in new ways that revamp the old and stale hiring process.

Referrals – Not Your Ordinary ERP

A typical job-application often has the question, “How did you find out about this position?” Now, that’s a good way to measure the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy… but only if you’re advertising the position in traditional ways . Reference referrals, on the other hand, are sourced from professional relationships, and can have a great impact on candidate success. Recruiters can find other similar candidates to the new hire by reaching out to the new hire’s references.

Asking for referrals from that same new hire a year after their signing date can lead to other promising candidates, as well. Current employees understand what the job requires and the environment at work. In fact, 44% of new hires are employee referrals. It is one of the most effective ways to bring in new talent .

College referrals are typically thought to be popular only for STEM students. However, other degrees that require internships are a perfect way to refer candidates. These student interns already know the ins and outs of your organization and the office they worked in; so it stands to reason that 97% of employers plan to hire their interns and co-op students.

Sourcing with Style

Don’t spray and pray. Specifically target those individuals who have the skill set you want. Pinpoint the places these potential candidates go, both on and offline. For example, if you’re seeking candidates with a plethora of IT knowledge, go to websites like TechRepublic or Quora . Clubs and organizations provide another avenue for narrowcasting skills.

There are some people who don’t spend their free time on Facebook. Even narrower than LinkedIn, there are dozens of niche boards and sites that house the best of the best candidates. After developing a professional relationship with these individuals, you can begin the recruitment process.

Retirees don’t typically stay retired. Nowadays, retirees will only stay “retired” for a few years, and then return to the workplace for a second career. After becoming bored with retirement, 60% of workers 60-years old and older return to the workforce after retiring from their current career.

Job Descriptions Are a Pain…

Job descriptions can be difficult to write for professionals not directly associated with the position. Previous employees might have the job duties and skills listed, but how well can you know a position if you have never performed that job? In a consensus of 400 marketing and advertising executives in the United States, 28% of them agree that identifying the necessary interpersonal skills to perform the job is the hardest part of creating a job description . That’s followed shortly by essential vs. preferred job requirements at 24%.

Dull job descriptions are a pain for candidates, too. Talk with the hiring manager, former employees (during exit interviews) or even employees who worked closely with that position to get a better feel for what the job requires. Better yet, try a platform that can write the job description for you . It saves you time and energy trying to figure out the job description enigma.

There are hundreds of recruiting tools and vendors to choose from. Applicant tracking systems , social media tools, employee referral management programs and more all help recruiters attract and win over candidates quickly. However, try tailoring your referral program to new hire references or simply hire interns you’ve already recruited into the company. Expand your sourcing into niche groups on and offline through targeted websites, as well as through clubs and organizations. Even better, start with a job description that lends itself to qualified candidates. The job description is the candidate’s first impression of the company and the position; so leave it to the professionals. We can take care of it for you.

Don’t write job descriptions if you don’t have to. All you have to do is call and we will do it for you .

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