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Free things often come at a price. Whether it’s quality, features, or security, some things are just worth paying for. Don’t waste time with free solutions, go with a high-quality, dependable applicant tracking system like Recruiterbox.

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The Pitfalls of Free Applicant Tracking Systems

With the popularity of applicant tracking systems, or ATS, offered today, there is a competition to attract your attention. The word “FREE” usually catches our eye. Most of the free applicant tracking systems start out free of charge but have additional costs added that always take you by surprise. For example, one free, open source applicant tracking system may have the main features you desire, but you’re not able to questions about installation, integrating, and functionality – there is no customer support. You are on your own.

Other pitfalls you may find with free ATS include free job postings but only for a single position, and fees to add additional positions. Some free versions of recruiting software are limited to just three concurrent job openings or a limit of 50 resumes per month, with additional fees after that. This is challenging and awkward for businesses on a budget.

The Advantages of Recruiterbox

Recruiterbox was named one of the top 8 applicant tracking system solutions on the market according to Capterra. With Recruiterbox you can efficiently manage your recruiting process, attract applicants from a variety of sources, manage resumes and candidate profiles, schedule interviews, communicate with your HR hiring team, fulfill details of the hiring process, and accomplish on-board matters. Recruiterbox has over 2000 customers, including Makita, Olark, YNAB, Lonely Planet, Untapped and more.

Why our customers stay with Recruiterbox for LIFE:

  • One affordable, simple, annual pricing fee, which includes all the features of using an HR applicant tracking system solution
  • Plans are upfront, transparent, and without any hidden costs for set-up, support, or per-user costs

Unparalleled Service and Quality

With Recruiterbox, you know what you are getting, for exactly how much, and without any additional costs. Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Full access to a user interface, web-based applicant tracking system solution for your complete hiring process
  • Ability to post all job openings to website, careers-pages, LinkedIn, Google, other social media sites, free job boards, and much more
  • Resume management, recruiting automation, sourcing candidates, valuable reporting, interview scheduling, productive hiring, and classified hiring information
  • Best of all, one inclusive annual price and no hidden costs

See why Recruiterbox is one of the best ATS solutions on the market today. Sign up for your free demo below.

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