Rolling out an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)


Like anything in life, a solid plan is required for successfully implementing an ATS. Here are few points worth considering when preparing your ATS rollout:

Project Planning

Chances are your company already has open roles posted and candidate information and resumes stored. Here are some tips for making a seamless transition to your new system without disrupting current hiring activities:

  • You might want to consider keeping your old systems live – and running alongside the new ATS – until you’ve hired for all your previously posted roles.
  • It’s a good idea to roll out your new ATS during a hiring downturn, like the holiday season or summer months, so hiring activities are minimally impacted.
  • If you have a lot of resumes stored in inboxes or an online folder, you’ll be able to bulk upload them to your ATS. But you might want to sort through them and consider which candidates will actually be considered for future roles, so you don’t have unnecessary data in your new system.

Development Resources

Connecting your new ATS with your company’s website will be as easy as copying and pasting a few lines of code onto the backend. It can get more complicated if you’re planning on integrating it with other software. Here are a couple tips for managing development resources during your ATS rollout:

  • Be sure to include your development team in the planning phase so they know what to expect and can put the right team member on the project.
  • Provide them with the necessary documentation or put them in touch with your ATS provider so any of their questions can be answered.

How Recruiterbox helps:

  • We’ll assign you an account manager who will guide you through your ATS rollout and answer any questions your team has.
  • We offer a large resources section that includes detailed instructions for common questions.


An ATS will be easy to use for anyone who has ever participated in hiring activities. However, you’ll need to let your team members know a new solution and procedures are on the way. Here are couple tips for involving your colleagues in the ATS rollout:

  • Let everyone know they’ll receive email notifications that will take them into the ATS where they can review resumes, provide candidate feedback and accomplish other hiring responsibilities.
  • You’ll also need to consider what level of access each hiring team member will have. It can be refined over time but should still be part of the rollout planning.

How Recruiterbox helps:

  • We don’t charge for additional users so you can add, remove and change the access level for team members without worrying about incurring fees.
  • We believe our support team is one of the best in the SaaS industry. They’ll be there to quickly answer any questions that arise during your ATS rollout and after.

Making the Most of Your New Solution

Once your ATS is live, you’ll find that tedious, time-consuming tasks are accomplished much quicker than before. Your free time, combined with the features of your ATS will allow your company to get better at hiring in the following ways:

  • Application Process – Include custom application questions for pre-screening candidates.
  • Proactive Sourcing – Easily find candidates on LinkedIn, social media and other places online and send them templated messages from your solution.
  • Candidate Evaluation – Hiring team members can provide more structured evaluation than email allows.
  • Hiring Data – Generate reports that tell where you excel at hiring and where you need to improve.

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