Limit Access to Candidate Profiles

To Show or Not to Show

Sometimes a candidate’s complete information shouldn’t be accessible to everybody–an outside recruiter, possibly, or a team member who’s only involved in a particular stage of the hiring process. Our recruiting software not only makes it easy to add outside recruiters and fellow team members to an opening, but makes it easy to assign these users varying degrees of permissions as well.

Control Access

Not everyone will necessarily be working on all openings and candidates, so there are three permission levels within Recruiterbox:

1. Super Users can view and edit all information within the applicant tracking system

2. Privileged Users can view all information, but cannot delete openings or candidates

3. Limited Access Users can only view openings (and candidates within those openings) explicitly assigned to them

Additionally, you can hide candidates entirely from other people in the ATS software by selecting the “Prohibit User” option. Alternately, if you just want to hide certain correspondences within a candidate’s profile, you can opt to “Mark as Private” messages and notes of your choosing.

Appropriate Level of Access

Sensitive information is sometimes revealed in the hiring process, so our recruiting software allows you a variety of user access management options to control the flow of information in the way you see fit.

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