Centric Digital

About Centric Digital

Centric Digital is transforming traditional businesses into digital leaders through management consulting, digital acumen, and disruptive innovation. Centric Digital reshapes business models and customer experience to help traditional businesses compete in our digital society. Founded in 2009, over the past five years Centric Digital has successfully created a self-funded company full of serial entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, and innovative disruptors.

Growing from 2 to over 170 in the past five years, Recruiterbox became integral to their hiring process and integrated with their company value of businesses being digital leaders to successfully grow. For Inc. Magazine’s 33rd Annual List of America’s Fast-Growing Private Companies, Centric Digital Ranked #34 with 6898%  Three-Year Revenue Growth (2014).

When They Found Us

Centric Digital is a client facing company so they need to hire people who are not only good at what they do, but who also are excellent at working with people. As they were growing and recruiting it was important that they had a honed recruiting process so they could focus on hiring the right people quickly. Before they had Recruiterbox, Centric Digital’s was reacting to spurts in hiring to meet client-demand. They used Recruiterbox to build a consistent hiring strategy and a database of past applicants. Using Recruiterbox to take control of their hiring, they became proactive instead of reactive.

Although Centric Digital uses recruiters for consulting purposes, the bulk of their hiring happens internally. When they were still in a startup phase, hiring recruiters was expensive. Recruiterbox was cost-effective and streamlined their hiring process by allowing them to keep a database of applicants, have a uniform application process, and have a customized workflow. As Centric grew overtime their hiring changed and without Recruiterbox there would have been a lot of confusion around what’s happening next, who’s organizing which part of the hiring, and where candidates are in the pipeline. With Recruiterbox they are able to create a customized workflow for each opening. There is clarity about whose assigned to what stage in the hiring process and there is a centralized location for all the candidate information.

If the President, Brian Manning, had a busy morning and had to conduct an interview in 15 minutes--he could just log into Recruiterbox (through Google Apps) and see all the information he needed to know about the candidate in one place. He could see their resume, their evaluation, their social footprint, as well as internal notes from other members of the team about their initial impressions of this candidate. It allowed Centric Digital to be more efficient and collaborative, in an organized way, with their hiring. Having this efficiency and centralization has really changed their recruiting process for the better.

As Centric Digital continues to pioneer digital transformations for businesses, they are constantly having a steady flow of recruiting. Recruiterbox allows them to keep track of their recruiting habits, get back to candidates in a timely manner, follow-up about open positions and workflow, as well as keep their inboxes organized and free of resume-build up. Since Recruiterbox is integrated with Gmail they don’t have to worry about remembering different logins, and since it’s intuitive and easy to use everyone in their company uses it.

A few years ago when Centric Digital President Brian and his co-founder/CEO Jason were looking for an ATS they looked at as many systems as you can name, but Brian found Recruiterbox and never looked back.

“We looked at everything, and I really found an exceptional user experience with Recruiterbox. It's very intuitive and easy to use...because if it isn't, you can't get anyone to use it! You guys nailed it!”

                                                                                                    -Brian Manning,
                                                                                                     President, Centric Digital