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The recent trend in Human Resources (HR) recruitment software is an emerging trend of HR technology designed to make not only a recruiter’s job faster and easier, but to attract the best candidates for the job opening. Hiring managers have the challenging task of choosing the right candidate from large applicant pools, resulting in a time-consuming recruitment process. Applicant tracking systems are designed to automate the HR recruitment process with a talent acquisition team that is organized, professional, and proficient.

This year, the prediction of an increased hiring volume leaves companies competing for new hires, and the pressure to have recruitment tools in place for attracting the best candidates. Companies that are able to streamline their recruiting process and implement talent management with an applicant tracking system (ATS) solution, have the best chance of hiring the best talent. The question is, “with hundreds of HR software out there, which ones are worth investing in?”

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Recruiterbox is the Answer

Recruiterbox was listed as one of the best HR recruitment software for small business, in an article of Business News Daily, July 2017. Recruiterbox was one of their favorites by offering an HR solution that was affordable, customized, and easy-to-use. In addition, key features are included like posting job ads to different sources, resume management, candidate profiling, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, all while staying on top of the entire hiring process.

Business News Daily quotes: “One of our favorites, Recruiterbox is one of the easiest-to-use recruiting software options we came across. The interface is so intuitive and clutter-free, unlike a lot of recruiting software available today. We also like that Recruiterbox automatically centralizes the hiring process by collecting and keeping data in one place, when candidates submit applications and resumes from job boards, internally, by email, via social media, and other sources.”

Why try Recruiterbox?

  • The ATS solution offers an easy-to-use, web-based recruitment software, which features a streamlined recruitment process from beginning to end
  • Easily post jobs to websites, careers-page, job boards, social media sites like LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and other social recruiting sites
  • Automated resume screening, pre-qualification, and candidate profiles for faster scheduling of interviews
  • Hundreds of employee hours saved with automated recruitment software
  • Improved quality of the candidate experience, resulting in the potential for successful hiring
  • Affordable pricing with one annual fee, no hidden costs, installation or set-up fees

Don’t get left behind! Attract the right talent for your company with an HR recruitment software that keeps up with the times. Answer any questions you may have with a free, live demo of Recruiterbox. Sign up below.

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Recruiterbox is the easiest to use system to streamline your hiring process. Discover customizable hiring workflows, automated steps and reminders, and reporting that highlights where you're finding top talent. Request a demo today and start hiring better.

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