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Currently, the job market has more jobs available than qualified candidates to fill them. For hiring managers, this means it is getting more challenging to find the right candidates to fill skilled job postings. In today’s job market, it is imperative that recruiting, evaluating, and hiring for job openings be done in a timely manner with an online hiring software and applicant tracking system that meets their recruitment process needs. Human Resource Directors don’t want to lose the best job applicants for the position because their hiring process is too slow.

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Here's Why You Should Choose Recruiterbox's Online Hiring Software

Recruiterbox is a web-based, online hiring software and applicant tracking system used by over 2000 small to medium-sized companies. The beauty of using Recruiterbox online is that there is nothing to download, install or update, and even better yet, pricing is all-inclusive and affordable. No more surprises of hidden charges, long-term contracts or commitments, and installation costs. A recruiting software, with an application process, that is simple and easy-to-use.

Reasons why you will love Recruiterbox:

  • Easy-to-use career page to begin attracting candidates
  • Create jobs once while updating everywhere on careers page, job boards, website, social media, LinkedIn, and more
  • Customize your application form and questionnaire for each position
  • Create a user-friendly, candidate experience, and great customer support
  • Quick search tools for words/phrases within the applicant’s profile allowing for timely evaluations and faster interview schedules
  • Customize your interviewing process to meet your team’s goals
  • Timely communication between interviewers, hiring managers, and hiring team
  • Save tons of time with HR professionals knowing what is happening with each candidate

The benefit of using Recruiterbox is having all your recruitment information in one place, customizing your recruitment and hiring process – all resulting in a faster hiring process. Offer the best candidate for the job before they get away. Sign up for your FREE demo today – you have nothing to lose!

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Recruiterbox is the easiest to use system to streamline your hiring process. Discover customizable hiring workflows, automated steps and reminders, and reporting that highlights where you're finding top talent. Request a demo today and start hiring better.

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